Caution. Handle with care. I’M HOT

Happy Halloween guys! Yeah, so what, I’m a day late.  Driving through my neighborhood on Halloween night and seeing how dark it was made me a little sad inside.  I’ve noticed that every year, less and less people get into the Halloween spirit.  As a child, I remember having a blast and being so excited whenever it was Halloween night.  I couldn’t wait to get into my costume and fill up my jack-o-lantern pail with treats!  The only thing on my mind was the candy.  I’d walk up to the doorway, ring the doorbell, say TRICK OR TREEEAATTT!!!! and whenever I was asked a question like, “What are you for Halloween?” or “How old are you?”  my only response was, “trick or treat!” It was like those were the only english words I knew.  I thought that as long as those words were spoken, candy would be received, like how a dog gets its treat after doing its trick.  There used to be so many kids walking on the streets with their parents and so many decorations.  Just about every house was decorated with cool carved pumpkins, skeletons hanging on their front doors, and cotton webs stretched across their windows.  Now, parents drive their kids to each house since houses with their lights on are so sporadic.  I wish all kids nowadays got to experience what I got to experience.

I was super busy during the weekend, so instead of making something, I just ate a whole lot of food.  One of the stops I made was McDonalds.  I don’t normally walk into fast food restaurants, but my friends got me craving for a McRib!  Last week, we had a few competitive games of badminton and if you lost, you owed the winning team a McRib.  Unfortunately, we didnt make it to a McDonalds.  Instead, we ended up at a restaurant that served even greasier food, a spot that people would usually go to after a night of drinking.

Yesterday, When I walked into McDonalds, I looked up at the menu and my eyes were drawn to a picture like it was an eyeball magnet. The dessert gods were shining their light down… PUMPKIN PIE.  WHAT?! I’m probably really late knowing about it, but I’ve finally discovered it.  I love their apple pie since my dad used to buy it often whenever we made a stop into McDonalds, so I was pretty excited when I saw pumpkin pie.

After I got home, I quickly opened my box of pie and took a bite. …………Disappointment.  The filling was pastey and needed more spices and the crust was a little soggy on the bottom, making the overall pie feel a little doughy.  No pie can beat their apple pie. Then my friend said to me, “Hey, have you ever ordered an apple pie and a softserve then ate them together?”  …..Why haven’t I ever thought of that and most importantly, I guess soft serve ice cream + apple pie = better than just apple pie. BUT! The apple pie must be warm.

Then I realized that I had totally forgotten about my tv-dinner patty sandwich, AKA the McRib.  Come on, admit that the meat tastes and has the texture of a tv-dinner meat patty!  Anyway, it’s still patiently waiting in its box sitting in the refrigerator waiting to be eaten.

Geez, since I didn’t make anything for Halloween like I intended to, there’s a whole bunch of Halloween stuff laying around the kitchen.  Oh well, I’ll make my Halloween stuff a week late.  Hope you guys had a fun Halloween weekend/Monday!

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