Racks on racks on racks!!

I’m talkin’ bout racks of ribs!  After talking about the McRib, I was thinking of getting my fingers and lips smothered in sauce from eating some ribs.  My mom makes some bomb ass (excuse my french), baby back ribs and she only makes them during the holidays.  I guess that makes ’em taste better and that much more special.  I made a trip to Costco and asked my mom if she needed me to pick anything up.  She tells me to pick up some babyback ribs.  I thought, “OMG… is she making the ribs already or is she teasing me and is just storing them in the freezer until Thanksgiving??”

These ribs are saucy and sweet, taste like Chinese BBQ pork, but in rib form, and are pretty tender to the bite.  The best part… sucking off the sauce that has caramelized on the ends of the bone and its bone marrow. MMMM!

I was in my room studying and since I live in a cave downstairs, I can’t smell what’s going on upstairs.  I started to feel hungry so I make my way up the stairs and start to smell a familiar smell.  Could it be?!  …IT COULD. 


All gone! *smiling with sauce all over my face*

She keeps certain recipes a secret, even from me.  Sorry I can’t share the recipe with you, but she did say that I can list the ingredients and the process of how to make these delicious thangs.  Mix the sauces together in whatever measurements you feel like until it makes your tastebuds dance.  It’s super easy to make so try it out and impress your friends.  They’ll think you spent hours making these.  It’ll be our little secret 😉


Pepper, ginger powder, freshly chopped garlic, onion powder, five-spice powder, gourmet sauce, oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, sesame oil, sherry, red food coloring.

The red food coloring is what gives the ribs that chinese bbq pork color.  You can totally skip that and your ribs will come out light brown.

All I know is that she bakes them at 350 degrees F and flips them every 20 minutes or so.

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