Meatless Quesadilla

This week for me has been about “grab and go.”  I’ve been on the move and haven’t had time to cook a real sit down meal.  I got my hands on some orange sauce from a taqueria, named La Vics, located in San Jose.  Their one specialty is their orange sauce and it’s gotten so popular that they’ve bottled it for sale. 

Lately, I’ve got about five minutes in the morning to prepare food before I need to leave to start my day.  One night, I was looking around the kitchen for something to pack for lunch for the next day.  I was too tired and lazy to go grocery shopping that day, but then I remembered the orange sauce sitting in the refrigerator waiting to be used.  Luckily I had some tortillas on hand along with the other ingredients.  I’ve been quickly whipping up these quesadillas during my five spare minutes in the morning then running out the door.  They’re still tasty by the time I get to them and holds me off until it’s dinner time.

One thing about putting things between tortillas, you have to make sure the ingredients of your choice are spread evenly and placed in the right places.  Having certain things clumped together can lead to a quesadilla with parts that are colder or gooey-er than others.  For example, piling sour cream on top of a bunch of salsa on one section then leaving very little sour cream on another will create parts that will most likely be cold and not as appetizing.

Anything can be put into quesadillas.  Mushrooms and avocado are some of my favorite things to eat so of course I had to add them into my quesadillas.  Just make a batch of your ingredients, enough to last a couple of days so that these quesadillas are quick to make during those crunch days.  Simple, quick, and tasty.  What more can you ask for when you’re too busy to cook?? Mmm… look at that crispy crust.

My Quick Quesadillas

Servings: 5

5 flour tortillas

1 lb. mozarella cheese

La Vics Orange Sauce or your favorite hot sauce

1 avocado

1 can cajun black beans, rinsed and drained


1 lb. mushrooms, sliced

2 tbsp. butter

pinch of salt

1 tsp. dried basil


3 roma tomatoes

1/4 of a small purple onion

pinch of salt

a few sprigs of cilantro

juice from half a lime

First off, have all of your ingredients layed out on the counter.  You don’t want to be searching for the ingredients in the fridge as your tortillas are heating up or you’ll have one burnt quesadilla!  Trust me, I’m guilty of doing that.

Heat a heavy round pan and spray the pan with some cooking spray.  Place the tortilla in the pan and squirt some sauce like so..

On one half of the tortilla, sprinkle your cheese then stack the rest of you ingredients on top, finishing with another small sprinkle of cheese.  You want to make sure that everything can fit into the tortilla or else there will be a huge mess when flipping.

Fold over the empty side of the tortilla over all of the ingredients and flip the entire thing.  Leave it on the pan for another minute or so so the cheese that is now on the bottom can melt.  When you’ve reached your desired crispiness of your tortilla, you’re all ready to eat!

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