Lemon Squares with Shortbread Crust

Do you like all things buttery?  Do you like all things sweet?  How about that tang that hits the back of your mouth and makes your eyes get a little smaller?  If you answered yes to all…. I introduce to you these lemon squares!  The crust is made from a whole cup of butter and layered with sweet lemon-ey goodness.  If you love lemons, I PROMISE that you will not be disappointed!  Mama didn’t raise no promise breaker!

My mom started making these probably before I was born or maybe a little after.  Doesn’t matter, it’s still at least a good whopping twenty years since she started making these  decandent things.  I tried making these lemon squares five years ago-they sucked.  Now that I actually know what “frothy” means, I’ve got it down!  The secret to this recipe is beating your eggyolks past the point of no return.  Making the eggs frothy not only makes the texture  light and moist, but also adds volume to the entire mixture, otherwise there won’t be enough lemon curd to pour over the crust.  Look at that moist filling!  Yeah.. make sure to make your eggs really frothy…

An intern at the office is going back to France and has been asking for some baked goods.  It’s a little intimidating knowing that there’s delicious pastries on almost every corner where he’s from!  I don’t have any doubt about these though.  They’re quite simple to make and don’t take much effort.  The frothy eggyolks combined with the sugar forms a thin flakey topping, sorta what brownie lovers look for on their brownies and the sweet and tangy lemon curd on top tastes bombtastic with the light, buttery, crispy, crust.

I have no idea where my mom got this recipe from, but…. I got it from my mama!  Here you go:

After you’ve created the crust, it should look something like this.  I lined my pan with foil so it would protect the pan a little when people cut themselves a piece, but this step is totally unnecessary.

When beating your eggs, you’ll want to beat them for a good five minutes.  Since this recipe is so easy, I used my handmixer to beat the eggs, but you can also use your standmixer with the whisk attachment.  As your eggs become frothy, large bubbles will appear.

Keep beating the eggs until the most of large bubbles have disappeared and look something like this.

Turn your beater off and add the rest of the ingredients and mix on low speed until just combined.

Pour your mixture into the baked crust….

I find that after cooling, putting the entire pan into the refrigerator overnight helps make cutting easier.  Serve cold and prepare a lot of “mmmmmm….. can I have the recipe? …MMMmmmmmm”

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