Avocado Faux Creme Brulee

Hello again! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted. It’s been super busy around here and I’ve also broken my arm so cooking/baking has been almost non-existent. Let me tell you, you don’t appreciate what you have til it’s taken away from you! I’ve finally gotten used to having just one functional arm so I stepped into the kitchen and started with something extremely easy. There were a couple really ripe avocados in the fridge and I didn’t feel like making the same ol’ bowl of guacamole. In fact, I wanted something sweet… something refreshing… something I’ve never made before.

I was thinking of making an avocado shake but then I was looking through pictures on instagram and saw a picture of creme brulee. I began to think… what if…. would that work……? Only one way to find out! I took out my Vitamix, threw in an avocado, condensed milk, and a squeeze of lemon to keep it from turning brown. The outcome was actually really good! I must warn you tho, this dessert is probably only for the taste buds that love avocado shakes-vietnamese style.

avocado creme brulee

Avocado Faux Creme Brulee
makes 3-2oz. creme brulees

1 ripe large avocado
7 oz. condensed milk
juice from half a lemon

3 Tbsp. granulated sugar

In a food processor, process the avocado, condensed milk, and lemon until smooth. Spoon into ramekins and even out the tops with the back of a spoon. Cover with seran wrap and place into the refrigerator until set-about 5 hours.

Once the avocado mixture is set, spoon a tablespoon of sugar on top of each and use a torch to melt the sugar until golden brown. If you like a thick crust on top, feel free to sprinkle more sugar. Let the sugar harden and if you’d like, place the creme brulee back into the refrigerator for 15 minutes before serving.


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