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I was invited to attend an event with Farm To Fork this weekend showcasing sustainable beef and carbon ranching. There was also a short film on sustainable agriculture and how cows are raised, which really educated me on where our local high quality beef comes from. In addition to that, there was excellent live music and drinks to accompany the unbelievably delicious beef we had. Let me just show you what we ate!

 photo IMG_1116_zps33bmtocu.jpg
Chef Chris Kiyuna from The Perennial: Beef tartare on a slice of grilled persimmon.

This little bite surprised me! Upon first glance, I thought this was beef tartare on top of a cracker, but to my surprise, the “cracker” was a slice of grilled persimmon. The persimmon had a slight crispness to it and had a slightly sweet flavor which went perfectly with the beef tartare. And I thought I hated persimmons! Isn’t it pretty?

 photo IMG_1117_zpsbyr8p4fp.jpg
Chef Tu David Phu – Feastly/Independent: TomKat Ranch sirloin tartare with chanterelle mushrooms, seeds, shaved daikon, and dill all on a piece of grilled rice paper.

This was probably my favorite dish of night! The beef and mushroom was so flavorful, but light, and the texture of the rice paper just tied everything together. The rice paper was rice paper wrap used to make Vietnamese spring rolls, but instead of wetting it with water, it was torched. Adding heat to the rice paper makes it kind of fluff up giving it the texture of a shrimp chip. Genius!

 photo IMG_1121_zpssp5fptc3.jpg
Chef Tu David Phu: Coastal Hill farm egg with smoked cream, maple, amaretto, sage, and salt

I ended the night with one of these delightful eggs and it was the perfect dessert. I was expecting this to be savory, but it was slightly sweet and had a pleasant creaminess from the cream. Very rich, but not overpowering.

 photo 20161030_154842_zpsg07pshl8.jpg
Chef Wes Rowe from WesBurger ‘N’ More – Stemple Creek Ranch specialty brisket burger

Am I allowed to cuss on here? F*ck. This was probably one of the best burgers I’ve had in a while! It was a burger simply dressed with caramelized onions, mustard, and sliced pickles. That’s it. This burger really proves that good quality beef doesn’t need all the fancy condiments to taste good.

Overall, this event was a good experience of fun and educational and I recommend anyone to come and support any of the Farm To Fork events!

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