The Time I Ate My <3 Out at Smorgasburg In LA

I took a weekend trip out to Los Angeles to specifically eat to my heart’s content. I was in so much pain walking out the exit back to the car, but I was so happy with a full belly. Here are the highlights of what was devoured:

Grilled Lobster Over Garlic Noodz Or Fries

Lobsterdamus If you follow all of the food Instagram accounts, I’m sure you’ve seen this everywhere. The perfectly grilled, succulent lobster meat is totally worth the damage to your wallet. If you’re a french fry lover like I am, go for the fries, but the garlic noodles are equally as delicious.

Strawberry & Passion Fruit Shaved Ice

I don’t even like shaved ice, but I fell IN LOVE with chichidango . I didn’t have to crunch on any ice (which is the main reason I don’t usually like shaved ice), and it wasn’t overly sweet! The condensed milk drizzled on top provided the perfect sweetness and creaminess. Cold, creamy, and satisfying on a hot day.

Sweet n Hollow
Chimney Cone With Sprinkles and Oreos

I’ve been seeing these chimney cones pop up everywhere lately. The ones at Sweet N’ Hollow have a more dense chimney cone than what I’m used to, but it was messy and tasty. Mo’ messy, the betta.

shrimp daddy
Shrimp in a pineapple bowl

Shrimp Daddy is another place you’ve seen all over Instagram. I don’t have to go all the way to Hawaii anymore. I had the island feels while sucking up all the garlic flavor from these shrimps.

Incredible Hulk [BAE with cheddar and provolone]
My love for grilled cheese sandwiches run strong and Cheezus did not disappoint! Salty, but not too salty pastrami with crispy buttery bread and avocado to mellow everything out, ugh, PERFECTION!

Daddys Chicken Shack
Chicken sliders and bomboloni

Daddy’s Chicken Shack I can’t ever say no to fried chicken sandwiches so when I saw chicken sliders, my stomach rumbled saying “feed me more”. I thought the chicken tasted more on the greasier side, but the bomboloni were like eating clouds.

Magic matcha and aloe matcha

Sip definitely helped close the day and washed down all the food. All of their drinks are photogenic and what I liked best are they aren’t overly sweet. The matcha aloe was my all time fave.

Smorgasburg LA is a must visit when in the Los Angeles area. It’s blocks of food galore, a buffet for foodies with Instagrammable food on every corner. They’re open every Sunday from 10 AM – 4 PM in Downtown LA.

Smorgasburg LA
777 Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA 90021

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