Macadamia White Chocolate Matcha Milk

The weather has been cooling down and I’ve been craving hot drinks lately. Once the weather cools down, I find myself wanting heavier foods, but since I’m not trying to gain ANY weight this Fall/Winter, I told myself I was going to eat more greens. Welp, I guess that also includes drinking more greens.

I was introduced to this macadamia nut milk and immediately knew it would go perfect with my matcha lattes. The milk is thick and heavier than other milks and compliments the matcha. Since the milk is on the thicker side, I like to thin it out with a little non-dairy coconut beverage. It’s like a thinner coconut milk and comes in a carton in the refrigerator isle, not in a can.

If you love matcha lattes, I recommend trying this recipe out!

Macadamia White Chocolate Matcha Milk
Servings: 2 cups

2 Tbsp. good quality matcha powder
3 4 Tbsp. hot water
1 C. macadamia milk
1 C. other milk of your choice
1/4 C. white chocolate
2 Tbsp. honey

In a small bowl, mix matcha powder and hot water until all of the matcha has dissolved. If the mixture is thick and pasty, add more water to thin it out.

In a small saucepan, add milks white chocolate, and honey. Heat over medium high heat and stir occasionally until all of the white chocolate has melted. Turn the heat off.

Add all of the matcha into the saucepan and whisk until fully mixed. Separate into 2 cups.


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