Hi!  My name is Cheryl and the kitchen is my playground! Welcome to my blog where I document the foods I experiment with as my tastebuds mature along with me.  I initially started this food blog as a diary to myself to document the foods that come out of my kitchen, but has quickly evolved into a place where I post recipes I especially want you to try.

I’m a Chinese American, born and raised in San Francisco. Being raised in such a diverse city has exposed me to so many different types of foods, which explains the wide variety of foods that are posted. Food was something that was always appreciated, but I didn’t find my love for cooking and baking until I moved out of for college. Nowadays, the kitchen is where you’ll find me during my free time. Join me in my playground where you’ll find food that’ll make your tummy happy!

You can contact me at cherylfoodSF[at]gmail.com

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