Meatless Quesadilla

This week for me has been about “grab and go.”  I’ve been on the move and haven’t had time to cook a real sit down meal.  I got my hands on some orange sauce from a taqueria, named La Vics, located in San Jose.  Their one specialty is their orange sauce and it’s gotten so popular that they’ve … More Meatless Quesadilla

French Toast

This is not your average everyday french toast.  This is what I call.. a REAL plate of fruit!  You’ll see what I mean.  Teehee.   Guava, mango, and taro bread topped with bananas and strawberries and drizzled with guava butter.  That’s what you call the most unhealthy, but best tasting fruit salad in the world!  … More French Toast

Hearty Chili

Do you ever wake up completely warm in your bed, getting out from under your blankets, and immediately jumping back in because it’s so darn cold??  That’s been happening to me for about a week now and I’ve been late to wherever it is I’m supposed to be because of it!  Besides wanting a fat scarf … More Hearty Chili

I Got Crabs!!

I’m talking about crabbing!  I’ve always eaten crabs at chinese restaurants, which are either lightly battered then fried or cooked in a wok with green onions, garlic, and ginger or at buffets where the legs are always long and thin and take a lot of work to get the meat out.  It’s crabbing season so … More I Got Crabs!!