Live Fire Pizza – Oxbow Market

When you’re invited to a pizza party, you say yes! Live Fire Pizza is a new addition to Napa’s Oxbow Public Market where you can enjoy pizza and other side dishes at the bar or outside in the outdoor seating area. I got to attend a media preview (thanks to Emily with Emily Martin Communication & Events), where I was able to try almost every pizza on the menu! Let me just say that every pizza was delicious. By the way, if you’re a wine + pizza type of gal, Live Fire Pizza is a must to visit.


My all time favorite pizza of the bunch was the calamari pizza. The calamari was perfectly cooked with not an ounce of chewiness. Don’t you hate it when you eat calamari that feels like you’re chewing on rubberbands? Not that I’ve ever chewed on em…


Live Fire - Oven

Putting pizzas into the oven

Not only are the pizzas fabulous, the sandwiches are good too. They’re all made on a soft sesame roll and each sandwich has a salty component that makes the sandwich enjoyable. Nobody likes a bland sandwich.

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Check out this meatball sandwich though! Such a fun moment to capture the dripping cheese.

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Live Fire Pizza
Oxbow Market
610 1st St, Napa CA


Zero Zero SF

Can we just talk about cheat meals real quick? Whenever I get the chance, I like to end the work week replacing all my sorrows with carbs. Carbs in the form of pizza to be exact. If I really got to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life, it’d be pizza. No joke. I mean, isn’t pizza a food group? OK, maybe just in my dreams. What are some of your cheat meal indulgences?

This time around, I got to eat my sorrows away at Zero Zero SF where they fed me some brussel sprouts (in fried form), hamachi poke, pastas, pizzas, and even some soft serve. Of course a couple salads appeared on the table, but those were cleared away quickly once the ‘heavier’ dishes came along. On a serious note though, Zero Zero’s caesar salad is something to remember.

Anyways, here are some highlights of the night.

Taleggio stuffed arancini with black garlic aioli – tasted like cheesy risotto balls fried to crisp perfection. I could have eaten two orders of these, but I had to share and didn’t want to be greedy…

 photo 20170314_184213_zpsd36e3t6a.jpg

We had a number of pastas to choose from including spaghetti amatriciana, which is your classic spaghetti with spicy tomato sauce and pancetta and also gnocchi cooked in a pork belly ragu. I’m not big on red sauce as it can sometimes be too heavy and I’ve always been team white sauce so naturally, my fave of the night was the fettuccini. Look at this bowl of beauty – carbs, dungeness crab, BUTTER, garlic, and lemon.

 photo IMG_1901_zpsnocxizff.jpg

Then low and behold, the leaning tower of pizza appeared before my eyes. If you can only see the excitement on my face.

From top to bottom: Castro Pizza (Sopressata, housemate sausage, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and Basil), Seasonal Pizza (reserved lemon panda, roasted garlic, grilled asparagus, broccoli spigarello, mozzarella, and a bunch of other ingredients), Fillmore pizza (mushrooms, leeks, a variety of cheese, garlic, and thyme). The Seasonal Pizza was my fave. The vegetables themselves were perfectly seasoned and had a wonderful grill flavor.

 photo 20170314_195956_zpsvekbqlgz.jpg

THEN, as if there wasn’t already enough food, we had some DIY sundaes. Don’t you love it when you get to be hands-on and be creative with your food?

Chocolate and vanilla swirl soft serve with topping choices of warm ricotta doughnuts, flourless chocolate brownie, caramel, hot fudge, chile caramel, and citrus (satsuma mandarins and orange agrumato)
The ricotta doughnuts were amaaaaziinnnggg on their own. Now just imagine the warm sugary doughnuts with the cold soft serve. UGH.
 photo 20170314_203718_zpsbinb8d7l.jpg

 photo 20170314_203537_zpspn3xgy0w.jpg

Big thanks to Emily Martin and Zero Zero for hosting such a delicious event!


Zero Zero
826 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94107