JANE the Bakery

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If you’re located in San Francisco and is a pastry junky/coffee connoissuer like I am who is constantly searching for the next bakery + cafe, I’ve got one for ya. If you don’t already know about Jane on Fillmore and Jane on Larkin,you’re missing out. A third location has opened, JANE the Bakery, located on Geary. You’ve really gotta visit. They’ve got coffee, pastries, sandwiches, loaves of bread, and toasts – Pretty much a one stop shop.

I had the privilege of meeting Amanda, the owner of JANE, who was just as sweet as the pastries. I always assumed “Jane” was the name of the owner, but turns out she named the stores after her daughter. Amanda allowed me to step into the kitchen where I got to see everyone in action and gave me a stronger appreciation for all the bakers around the world creating such beautiful edible art.

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Compared to the other two locations, this location has a long display case of pastries followed by a shelf of deliciously baked bread. These are just a few of the bread options Jane offers.
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I’m telling you, this is a carb lovers dream come true or maybe a new item to add onto the list of “1000 Ways to Die”: Death by carbs. Anyways, you’re probably more interested in the items Jane has to offer. Here are just a few things I sampled…

CHEDDAR CHIVE BISCUIT: lots of cheese throughout the entire biscuit. Flakey on the inside, crisp on the outside. Enjoy heated with a pad of butter.
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PIZZETTE with artichoke, pine nuts, pesto, and roasted red peppers.
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THREE CHEESE & ROSEMARY BREAD WITH A POLENTA CRUST: For all the rosemary fans out there. Ain’t she a beauty?!
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TURKEY + BRIE SANDWICH: So simple yet so tasty
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AVOCADO MASH: perfectly seasoned smashed avocadoes with pickled jalapenos and red onions all on top of a heftly slab of sourdough. So good.
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And last but not least…

CARDAMOM LATTICE BUN: The inside of the bun has this dreamy cardamom pastry cream. I’d take a bath in it. I mean. uhh.. nevermind.
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