Green Onion Pancakes

A popular snack in Chinese cuisine is green onion pancake. They can be found in sit-down Chinese restaurants, dim sum places, on the streets of Taiwan, and even in the freezer aisle at your local Asian supermarket! I must admit that the frozen ones are delicious, sometimes even better than poorly handmade fresh ones I’ve … More Green Onion Pancakes


I’ve misplaced my camera battery ūüôĀ¬† It must’ve grew legs and crawled into a hole for hiding.¬† I’ll just have to use my phone camera for now.¬† Also… Time to clean out the kitchen!¬† Hmm… got this french baguette, basil, a bunch of small heirloom tomatoes….. and cheese.¬† Gotta study for my last final for … More Bruschetta

Buffalo Chicken Wings

I’ve been going into Trader Joe’s religiously for about three weeks looking for one item.¬†¬†I¬†walk in, look on the shelf and don’t see it so I find an employee and ask,¬†“Have you guys recieved pumpkin butter yet?!”¬†I’m always¬†answered with, “No, the computer¬†says some time in October, but doesn’t give a day.”¬†¬†Earlier this week, I went … More Buffalo Chicken Wings